Paint In New York


Twenty Weeks In Bushwick Brooklyn Painting Abstract Art

Living in Bushwick was an amazing experience. I met so many great people and was exposed to such a new and radical type of lifestyle like freeganism and collective living. I went to Bk for Aeon Logic’s residency program. They promised the “real Brooklyn artist experience” and that is exactly what I got. For two months I worked at the gallery preparing for a weekend long show in late November. Becoming more involved with Surreal Estate I decided to stay and continue work on my paintings.

“……..My creations have taken over. Existing with little control. Emotions cause the waves that thrash against my mind. Lying on the floor of Aeon Logic art gallery, I feel my artwork taking over……..”

“……… Sinking into the texture of my painting I begin to lose myself. After purchasing a tub of plaster I feel like there is no stopping me. It is week two now and progress is being made………”
“……..I couldn’t have landed in a better spot. I am living in Surreal Estate an arts collective in Bushwick. Stepping out of my confort aone I now live with forty strangers……..”

“……… Sitting in my loft on the main floor of Surreal Estate I star to draw. I listen to the sounds of my new home. Maxim and Luke below playing music, and Terry down the hall like a mad scientist jumping from project to project………”


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