It’s Not Thinking It’s Just Painting

cam00661-2Connect And Let Go

I rarely plan out my paintings. I like to just start. Sketching, drawing and layering paint. Connecting with my creations I feel like it becomes a part of me. So when people ask me what I am painting I don’t know what to say. It ‘s very hard to explain my feelings that’s why I paint. For me art is like therapy I guess.


One thought on “It’s Not Thinking It’s Just Painting

  1. Hi Jordan,

    How great that my blog post about Cobra has led me to your page and let me see you work. I love “Connect and Let Go.”

    Thanks so much for reading my first art post and being the first to “Like” it. I didn’t expect to have an artist find – and enjoy – it, and it’s very encouraging!

    I’ve started a blog just about art (that was the original intention with the Cobra post) and wanted to share with my first reader:

    Look forward to seeing more of your works.

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