An Artist’s Blight

To paint is to live and for me  to live is to paint. My life as an artist began at first breath. but it was each breath after that which gave life to the artist within me. Much like the pages of a novel my art tells a story. The colors I mix and the lines I draw serve as the words and punctuation to a tale my mind has stuggled to articulateCAM00807 (4). It is my belief that each step I take in life leads the artist within me to that of one with an immortal existance. The visions I create forged in the flames of my life’s passions and warmed by the joys of sweet delight open a  doorway to endless night. My bones will break and my sight will fade but the artist within me will never ache.The curse I joyfully carry through the dark of night is the blessing that painfully pushes me into the light of day. “some are born to sweet delight some are born to endless night”


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